About Us


Paneda offers innovative and cost-effective DAB solutions: safety systems, broadcast networks and broadcast systems. Over 200 tunnels in Norway are equipped with Paneda systems. For DAB head-end systems, many local and public European broadcasters are using Paneda DAB Head-End systems with a complete range of products including multiplexing, audio encoders, data insertion and content management.

Moreover, Paneda has its own 24/7 operation center in Norway and also monitor and operate a TV network with 200 transmitters, built and owned by Paneda.


The development center in Sweden develop software and hardware used by the Paneda group. A range of DAB products will be added to the Paneda portfolio during the upcoming years.


 “To deliver digital telecommunication services through application of innovative and cost efficient technology”

Paneda is among the 2701 Norwegian enterprises which qualify as a «Gazelle firm» in 2016

Paneda is a member of the organisation WorldDAB