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Emergency Warning Live Demo

Paneda shows Emergency Warning system over DAB in Norway

Flåm Norway 2019-12-05

Paneda has carried out a large live demo of its unique Emergency Warning System over DAB. The test has been performed in the smaller city Flåm in Norway and has included the rescue service with fire brigades and police as well as representatives from relevant authorities. The tests and demo were performed by Paneda and its partners.

During the demonstration that simulated a fire in the battery station at the port, the people in the city was instructed by led signs, connected screens, loudspeaker systems and sirens to quickly evacuate the city. The demonstration was realistic with simulated fire and smoke, and the complete demo was a big success, both from a technical aspect but also from an evacuation point of view where people was evacuated almost as the same time as the rescue team arrived, so they could focus on their main work, which was the purpose of the exercising.

The Paneda Emergency Warning system uses DAB as carrier of the trigger information and shows that DAB is both suitable to carry such important information, but also that DAB is built to be most robust and the system is independently and doesn’t require internet nor mobile networks. The Paneda system is addressable down to individual receivers, group of receivers as well as all receivers at once. The system can be activated quickly, and it is estimated that the triggering of the dedicated recipients takes less than 1sec in total.

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Director at Paneda says,
“After this long process of intensive tests and evaluation of this new technology, we are of course proud that we now can demonstrate a complete signal chain, from trigger to machine, and we also believe that this system can be another incitement for DAB as technology”
About Paneda: Paneda develops and sells DAB+ related equipment on an international market. Paneda continue to expand its market shares on the international arena with its DAB+ Head-End range of components, currently having over 80 DAB multiplexers in operation world-wide. Paneda has also developed emergency warnings systems over DAB+ and offers complete solutions for different kind of such applications.

Published: 05.12.2019 - 13:13